I think I want a Kindle

I was very impressed by the iPads I saw in Toronto. People looked very comfortable using them for general web browsing and note taking. However, I still don't feel like buying one. It's too expensive, it lacks in features I would want in a tablet computer, and what I need might be just an e-reader, a dedicated device.

I have been thinking about my reading, and I'm starting to think that an e-reader would fit many of my needs. In many cases I buy books to read just a couple of chapters (reference material). I also read a few novels and some general interest best sellers (like Gladwell). I wouldn't mind not having a physical version of any of these and I would be able to get them faster (shipping usually takes around two weeks to Colombia). A Kindle seems like the appropriate device.

However I have some reservations with the whole idea:

  • If I buy a book, I want to be able to loan them to a friend.
  • If I buy a book, I want to be able to sell it as used item if I don't want to keep. Not possible in the e-reader. I don't sell many used books, but I do buy a lot.
  • If I buy a book, I want to be able to give it away after reading it. I've come to own many books someone gave me after reading them.

All three are technically possible: I could lend a book through a feature in my e-reader and not be able to access it while it is loaned. When they give it back, it could be deleted from the other device. Or I could transfer ownership to someone if I want to give it away.

  • I would also want to buy books from any seller (ePub support).

In short, I think that the whole way in which the e-reader market (Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc.) treat the costumer violates my right to own what I buy. By enforcing stringent copyright and DRM norms they are protecting the publishing industry and writers (who absolutely deserve their dues) but they are abusing me, the owner of the copy of a book. A copy I paid for and own by any standard.

Shouldn't I be able to do at least the first three things mentioned above?

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