iPhone trouble... 1.1.4 to 2.0

Last night I messed up my iPhone. Playing around with SSH I tried to change the root password via passwd, disregarding something I'd read and was in the back of my mind. Nothing really happened, but this morning Springoard just kep restarting itself and the phone was pretty much useless. I decided I would restore from a 1.1.4 image and jailbraik-unlock again if I had to.

First restore went fine (alt-click on restore, selected file, etc.). After it, the phone seemed to be unlocked but not activated. So weird. I tried to do a full restore by control-clicking and thought it all went well (since it didn't download anything). I didn't realize I already had the 1.2 (2.0) image in my iTunes folder and installed that without me realizing. Should have seen it coming since it didn't ask me to select a file.

I then tried to jailbrake-activate via iLiberty. It hung and I waited seeing code on the iPhone display. After a few hours (yeah, I was at work doing other stuff) I decided to force quit iLiberty... the phone still was just scrolling console text.

After several attempts at HomeButton+PowerButton I managed to put it in recovery mode and tried installing the 1.1.4 software again (not yet realizing I had the newest upgrade on). I got an Error 20. Weird error. Several times and restarts later I came home with an unactivated locked phone. But as usual, Google and good searching skills gave the answer... it took a while but worked. It involved downgrading iTunes to 7.5, pwning and neutering, but finally went well. I just finished syncing, now I need to install all the cool apps again.

Here's what helped:

In case you hadn't unblocked your phone before and you come across the same stupidity as me, this might also help: How to erase any baseband: http://iphone-freak.com/en/page2/page2.html

In case you're wondering, 2.0 will soon be hacked. Check this out: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

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