iPhone trouble... 1.1.4 to 2.0

Last night I messed up my iPhone. Playing around with SSH I tried to change the root password via passwd, disregarding something I'd read and was in the back of my mind. Nothing really happened, but this morning Springoard just kep restarting itself and the phone was pretty much useless. I decided I would restore from a 1.1.4 image and jailbraik-unlock again if I had to.

Wordle: what's news... just fun

El Tiempo, Julio 13, 12:35AMI've been reading about the nice images people have created with

J. K. Rowling at Harvard

Through a friends' blog about another friends' graduation (congratulations!) I got to J. K. Rowling's speech at Harvard Commencement. I'd read somewhere she was the speaker, but hadn't got to try and find it.

No time for nuts

I saw this video last year in the ICA in Boston. It's incredibly funny. That squirrel from "The Ice Age", Scrat is so much fun!

Thanks to the two friends in Boston for the invite about a year ago.

Ponqué de la abuela

Ponqué de la abuela

Wow, a month!

This blog comes and goes. To make it come a little, I'm gonna try and post shorter and less elaborately (yeah, right, it's been elaborate). So, today, updates on geeky-life:


"Tenaz", decía el mensaje con que me informaron. El Pasquín dice: "Los turistas secuestrados fueron identificados como:  Alf Onshuus Niño, profesor de la Universidad de Los Andes de padre noruego y madre colombiana;".

I said, the doctor said

I had some blood work and a CAT scan to show to Dr. Restrepo. The things he had ordered in our last appointment. As far as I (and some doctor friends) could tell, everything looked fine in both of them. But there was something that kept bugging me in the scan. The radiologist reported seeing some sort of calcification somewhere around the left tonsels.

The doctor. El Doctor

El lunes fui al médico. Le llevé los exámenes que me había ordenado. No escribiré largamente hoy sobre lo que fue y lo que me dijo, pero lo diré luego. De pronto esta tarde lo escribo. Pero en corto, todo está bien. Sigo bien. No de qué preocuparse.

Llegó la navidad | Christmas is here

Ayer llegó la Navidad a casa de mi padre. Con la maravillosa ayuda de la chica azul hicimos el pesebre y ayudamos un poco con las demás decoraciones navideñas. Jacinto hizo el árbol con mi padre.