Unas cuantas fotos

Unas cuantas fotos de Portland... vean mi Flickr que ahora si le estoy poniendo fotos... por lo menos hoy.

A few pictures from Portland. Check out my Flickr. I am actually putting pictures in it... at least tonight.

Computer trouble

I had some computer trouble, so the previous post, dated march 5th, is actually from the 3rd.

I hadn't updated my Wireless driver, and that caused a "blue screen of death" type of error. Fortunately the people at Intel were able to fix it. I wasn't the only one.

Flying to Portland

I didn't get much sleep last night. There was a party with the new group of Senior Trainers from the Intel Teach program and I was there until around 1AM dancing like a maniac… with a maniac. I hadn't even packed and if it weren't for my dad's help I wouldn't even have bought dollars for the trip. When I got home, the Ogre was half awake and she kept me company while I packed.

De matrimonios y casamientos

Si se saliera con la suya con la suya, sería en Las Vegas, en algún casadero 24 horas. Pero no va a ser así. Será en algún lugar en la costa oeste de Estados Unidos, en California o en Oregon, posiblemente. La propuesta fue en Lisboa, la luna de miel no me la imagino, pero puede ser desde India hasta una isla caribeña. Otro más se une al club de los que se casan.

Computer trouble never ends

My video card is all wrong and I don't have bluetooth anymore! My computer broke down. I took it to a shop, they tried tons of things and in the end said the motherboard had something wrong. They changed it. I used to have a Thinkpad T41 Series 2373 Model JU9. The board they put in it is a T41 2373 7FS. This whole thing sucks.

Got it!

I spent about 6 hours today at the American embassy. Mostly waiting to be called for fingerprints and then for the interview. I got a consular officer that didn't seem to nice. She denied the applications of the 4 people in front of me. I wasn't worried, though. I had an invitation from Intel. It all worked out well. I got the visa.


Ayer fui a ver Babel. Esperaba ver una película que me dejara con un mal sabor en la boca, el tipo de mal sabor de pensar que el mundo es horrible, mi vida demasiado fácil... una especie de mal sabor espiritual hasta con ganas de llorar. No fue así. La película tiene un ritmo que no permite que se alcance ese estado de ánimo. Sufrí toda la película.

Fiona is back!

It cost me a kidney but Fiona, the Thinkpad, is back. They had to replace the motherboard, but it seems to be working well. This is the first post from Fiona in a while. So happy! Me costó un riñón, pero Fiona, el portátil IBM está de vuelta. Le cambiaron el board y parece que está funcionando bien. Esta es la primera entrada escrita desde Fiona en meses. ¡Qué felicidad!


I logged on to Continental and got a flight. I'll be arriving in Boston, the evening of March 9, and leaving March 17 in the morning. I haven't yet done the visa stuff.

Travel news: March, Portland-Boston

I was invited by our friends at Intel to attend the Intel Education International Roundtable in Portland, OR, the first week of March. They are making the travel arrangements for me, and I asked my boss to give me a week to visit Boston after the roundtable (I didn't take any vacation in December-January). She generously agreed, so I'll hopefully be visiting from March 9-16.