Education and Mind

I haven't written much lately. I haven't written anything serious or of much value, for quite a while (I'd say 33 years...). I also haven't read anything as interesting or thought provoking as what I will mention. It moved me to write a quick recommendation:

Open Source Knowledge Forum?

For quite some time I've wondered why Knowledge Forum isn't open source. I'll try to put together my thoughts on the subject.

En el GLM queremos crear conocimiento

Durante el primer semestre escolar del año 2008-2009, un grupo de profesores, jefes de departamento y directivos se reunieron todos los sábados a reflexionar y proponer ideas sobre el uso de tecnología en el colegio, en el curso Medios Digitales, Tecnología y Aprendizaje.

Knowledge building at the school: our professional development

(Disclaimer: this will be a little hard to follow for those unfamiliar with Knowledge Forum (KF) and Knowledge Building. Sorry.)

History Today: Learning with the Bicentennial of the Independence

The Ministry launched the Bicentennial project the blue-haired girl has been working on for a while now. She is in charge of the whole gigantic project and has done an awsome job so far. Thursday there was a 1 hour TV show about the project on almost every channel. All thanks to her! The project is amazing. I love it.