Windows is so clear!

As many of the readers of this blog know, two years ago I switched from PC to Mac. I bought a Macbook Pro and love it. Since I use a Mac and Mac OS X, I've learned what an easy-to-use, user-friendly, reliable system is. I thought I had all that with Windows... ignorance is bliss...

Laughing at Microsoft's design flaws. "When it comes to tech, simplicity sells"

Yesterday, the blue-haired-girl came back from Tunja. She was invited to be keynote speaker at the Colombian History Conference (Congreso Colombiano de Historia). She presented the Bicentennial project and had awesome responses. The saddest of all: your project is awesome, wonderful, amazing... pitty it comes from the (this) government. Sigh.


Teclado en Español

He encontrado cada vez más escritos de hablantes de español, que por estar en un computador con teclado en inglés atropellan el idioma omitiendo tildes y eñes. He decidido hacer este simple tutorial para que puedan seguir usando sus computadores sin maltratar nuestra bella lengua. ¡Es simple, por favor háganlo!