ABC English Institute

ABC English Institute
February 2003 to August 2004
Avenida 9 No. 123-28
Bogotá, Colombia
(57 1) 522 0307

ABC English Insitute is committed to teaching English as a foreign language in Bogotá, Colombia. The Institute offers general English classes, exam preparation courses, and consultancies for schools and other educational institutions. ABC's clients are professionals and university students who need to learn English to advance in their careers, and educational institutions seeking training for their teachers in both pedagogy and English language skills.

I joined the staff of ABC English Insititute in February 2003 and worked with them until August 2004. I taught general English classes in levels from Intermediate to Advanced, and exam preparation courses for TOEFL and IELTS examinations. For the latter, I developed a module (two to four hours each week) to teach writing that complemented the materials used and filled a gap in the resources available in the market. This module was greatly appreciated by students, who often said it was the most valuable part of their courses.

Due to the success of the writing module, I was asked to prepare a series of training sessions for teachers on how to teach writing. I developed a six-hour workshop that was part of the Institute's core offer to educational institutions seeking to better prepare their teachers, and delivered it to primary and secondary teachers.

Responsabilities and Achievements:

  • Taught on-site general English and exam preparation courses.
  • Taught off-site general English courses.
  • Delivered off-site workshops for teachers on how to teach writing.
  • Taught off-site advanced English classes for teachers of English.
  • Worked with minimum or no supervision.
  • Major Achievements:
  • Developed writing module to complement exam preparation courses
  • Developed teacher preparation workshops for teaching writing