Círculo de Lectores e Intermedio Editores

Círculo de Lectores - Intermedio Editores
March 2003 - September 2003
Avenida Eldorado No. 79-34
Bogotá, Colombia
(+57 1) 416 6262

Círculo and Intermedio Editores are two editorials owned by "Casa Editorial El Tiempo". As a freelance editor, I worked under the chief editor in the preparation of books for different collections. My work included correcting Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and matching it with originals, proofreading authors' final drafts, suggeting stylistic changes, and ghostwriting. I worked independently from home and communicated mostly via telephone and e-mail. My worked entailed responsability for meeting demanding deadlines with no supervision.

I worked in the editorial preparation of the following books and collections:

  • Cetina, Ecce Homo, (2003) La Guaca . La Verdadero Historia de la Caleta de las FARC. Bogotá, D. C.: Intermedio Editores
  • Bellón, Manolo, (2003) The Beatles: La Historia, Bogotá, D. C.: Intermedio Editores
  • Biblioteca de Literatura Colombiana II, various books
  • Biblioteca de Literatura Colombiana III , various books


Proofread authors' final draft and recommended stylistic changes
Corrected OCR output matching it with original text
Worked independently with little or no supervision and demanding deadlines

Major Achievements:

  • Edited books for major collections
  • Proofread texts from recognized colombian writers