Colegio San Carlos

August 2000 - July 2002
Calle 193 No. 9-45
Bogotá, Colombia
(+57 1) 592 9000

Colegio San Carlos is one of the most highly recognized bilingual private schools in Colombia. Many political and business leaders are counted among its alumni. From the year 2000, until 2002 I was group director and English teacher in the seventh grade. I taught 20-24 hours of class every week, and as group director was in charge of counseling groups of 30-35, communicating with their parents, and mediating in their relations with other teachers and students.

I used computer technology to facilitate daily tasks such as record and grade-keeping and also explored some of the educational implications of using the Internet. I guided my 13-year-old students in the use of information technology, and developed a website that concentrated materials relevant for the course. Throughout the school year I helped them build their own digital content by leading them through projects that used hypertext, images and Flash animations to follow the emerging conventions of the medium and create new forms of narrative like those proposed by researchers of the digital media.

I found, in addition, that the Internet provides an excellent medium for staying in contact with parents and students alike outside of school hours and of providing up-to-date and easy access to information that concerns them: syllabi, deadlines, grades, handouts, and study guides. I used both synchronic and asynchronic communication for this purpose. This was groundbreaking work in the school.


  • Taught 20-24 hours of class every week
  • Communicated with parents about students' overall performance in all subject areas
  • Mediated in the relations between students and teachers, and students and students

Major Achievements:

  • Developed online materials and used Internet for teaching and communication
  • Set example for other teachers on how to use the Internet for pedagogical purposes
  • Contributed to development of school's technology infrasture and use

Projects and Samples

  • Website developed for my course in 2001
  • When I taught English in the seventh grade at Colegio San Carlos some years back, I developed this website to support my instruction. Most of it is still functional