Fundación Dividendo por Colombia

Fundación Dividendo por Colombia
November 2003 to February 2004
Calle 72 # 6-44, Piso 10
Bogotá, Colombia
(+57 1) 210 2350

Dividendo por Colombia is a non-profit organization, created by a group of Colombian entrepreneurs to formalize a commitment by companies and employees to give social responsible support to the least favored sectors of society. Dividendo represents United Way International (UWI) in Colombia, an organization present in 44 countries that works to improve the quality of life of communities through social programs and volunteer work.

Since 2002, convinced that investment in education is a priority for the economic and social development or our country, Dividendo decided to focus its efforts in contributing to improve the quality and equity of Colombian education for children who are in a situation of poverty. For such effect, Dividendo developed high impact programs with the support of strategic alliances with recognized leading public and private institutions.

As an independent consultant, I was part of a two-man team that prepared a grant proposal for an initiative of the "Secretaría Distrital de Educación" called "Nivelación para la Excelencia", a project that has been recognized by international organizations such as PREAL (Partnership for Education Revitalization in the Americas)as a model in helping raise the academic level of schools with the lowest test results in the city . We were awarded the grant and prepared two more proposals for grants from international foundations for projects related to basic literacy and bringing over-age students up to level.


  • Prepare letters of inquiry and grant proposals
  • Cllect and aggregate information from various sources of funding
  • Work with minimum or no supervision

Major Achievements:

  • Prepared grant proposal and was awarded grant by colombian organization (Empresarios por la Educación).
  • Conceived new strategies to assure sustainability of already successful program.
  • Prepared grant proposals for international organizations.