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You will find links to the work I am currnetly doing at Gimnasio La Montaña and a few samples of my previous work: A presentation at Ministry of Education, some of the work I did as a teacher in the early naughts, and samples of things I worked on while studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For a broader sense of my thinking, visit my blogs by clicking on "Vitacora" and "Edgeek" in the top navigation bar, which, I am sorry to say, don't get updated too frequently.

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Gimnasio La Montaña

Ministerio de Educación Nacional

Quixotically: Reading Chapter 1 of "Don Quixote", a Universally Designed Lesson Focusing on ADHD Students

  • This project describes a prototype software and lesson to teach the first chapter of "Don Quixote" to students who suffer of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It was developed as a final project for professor David Rose's T-560, Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the Challenge of Individual Differences.
  • [You may visit Quixotically by clicking here]

Curriculum Design: Understanding the Theater of the Absurd

  • In collaboration with a tenth grade Spanish teacher in Colombia, I designed a curricular unit that integrates technology into teaching the Theater of the Absurd using the Teaching for Understanding framework. This project was done as part of Professor Martha Stone Wiske's course "Developing Curriculum With New Technogies" at Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • [You may see a quick Flash Presentation (in English) or Visit the unit (in Spanish)]

Case Study: KIE, WISE, TELS

  • In collaboration with two of my classmates we conducted a semester-long case study of the development of the KIE/WISE/TELS software. We did some research together and then focused on special interest areas. I looked at the professional development and teacher support schemes in place specifically in WISE. This project was done as part of Professor Katerine Bielaczyc's course "Bridging From Theory to Design into Practice, An Investigation of Issues and Dilemmas" at Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • [You may visit the case study website.]

Website developed for my English course in 2001

  • When I taught English in the seventh grade at Colegio San Carlos some years back, I developed this website to support my instruction. Most of it is still functional.
  • [You may visit the website.]

Undergraduate Thesis: "Cada Quien Es Lo Que Escribe: Aproximación a las Caras en el Chat" / "Everyone Is What They Write: An Approach to Faces in Chat"

  • In this thesis I explore different interaction strategies, the way in which written language is used to create a "face" in a chatroom, and the formation of affinity groups. I propose that chatrooms are not more equitable or democratic than face-to-face communication, and aspects of meaning that are usually conveyed through visual and aural cues, such as social class and status, are translated into written cues, such as spelling, vocabulary and overall linguistic ability.
  • [Download original document in Spanish]