Education and Mind

I haven't written much lately. I haven't written anything serious or of much value, for quite a while (I'd say 33 years...). I also haven't read anything as interesting or thought provoking as what I will mention. It moved me to write a quick recommendation:

This week I got the latest book I bought, Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age, by Carl Bereiter. It is one of the most interesting, complex and powerful books I've read in a long time. It's one of those rare books you just can't put down, even if you struggle with the complexity of the ideas it puts forward. I'll try to write about some of the ideas I have found most compelling (mostly to try and make sense of them myself), but I will never have Bereiter's writing ability, creativity and knowledge, so I can only recommend you read it: Everyone interested in education, it's present and future who has at least a little vein in epistemology, psychology and theories of mind has to read this! Bereiter has a knack for using powerful metaphores and a decided interest in breaching the gap between theory, research and practice, so teachers, school administrators, policy-makers, etc. are certainly invited to read.

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