Laughing at Microsoft's design flaws. "When it comes to tech, simplicity sells"

Yesterday, the blue-haired-girl came back from Tunja. She was invited to be keynote speaker at the Colombian History Conference (Congreso Colombiano de Historia). She presented the Bicentennial project and had awesome responses. The saddest of all: your project is awesome, wonderful, amazing... pitty it comes from the (this) government. Sigh.


Anyway... she listened to a few Ted Talks on the bus on the way back and pointed me to one I hadn't seen: David Pogue, When it comes to tech, simplicity sells. If you get through the lousy song he opened with, you'll laugh like crazy. A few gems:

  1. Someone called tech support at Apple and said the mouse was squeaking. It squeaks when I move it across the screen. Why are you moving it across the screen? Well, it said click here?
  2. More tech. support: I can't turn off the computer. I got an error and I can't restart even if I type 11. Why are you typing 11? It says "Error type 11".
  3. Why do you shut down a Windows PC by clicking a button called "Start"?
  4. Why do you have to scroll down a menu at the shutdown screen when there are only four options?
  5. PalmOne has empoyees in charge of "tap counting". No task on the Palm Pilot can be more than 3 taps away.

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