Frustrated with the #change11 RSS feed. Technical difficulties

I feel like I'm the only one having this problem, but it can't be. It's annoying and hinders my participation in the course. Us techies sometimes dismiss technical difficulties, but they can be a real obstacle.

Synchronous meeting with Martin Weller in #change 11 (Notes)

These are unedited notes taken during the synchronous meeting via Fuze on Sept. 28th, 2011 (11:00 am GMT-5).

Starting my first MOOC experience

I have to confess I started off a few weeks back with some curiosity and not very much motivation. I found out about a new Massive Open Online Course called Change: Education, Learning, and Technology and thought it was worth checking out. I'd heard quite a bit about other MOOCs and well...

Redes sociales y estudiantes

Las redes sociales en Internet se han popularizado enormemente en los últimos cinco años y están aquí para quedarse, gústenos o no. Facebook ya cuenta con más 600 millones usuarios y Twitter tiene más de 110 millones. Nuestros estudiantes, aún quienes no tienen la edad para hacerlo (13 años según Facebook), tienen cuentas en estas redes y las usan a diario. ¿Qué debemos hacer?