Escuela Virtual

I visited a couple schools last week. They both are Escuela Nueva in Caldas. You can find a few pictures and videos of this at ftp://fernandodiazdelcastillo.com/Caldas/.
It was a very intersting visit, people were very nice and I saw some great projects done by kids.

Wiki and Escuela Nueva

One of the mailing lists I subscribe to, wwwedu (we do), has been discussing the use of wiki for textbooks. It seems like a great idea to have books that teachers and students can personalize, add to, transform and adapt to their local context... and of course... keep for future generations and thus make better books for kids.

Bookr, Geekr, Readr...?

I wonder if there is something like this. I thought about it when I saw how someone was using a blog in blogger to publish the books he was reading. No one commented, but it was a record of the books he read, with a date and a cover illustration.

Ed. M.

Ahora sí se acabó esto. Ed. M. Master of Education. Ayer me confirieron el título, junto con otro cantidad de gente, en una enorme, larga, caliente, húmeda, larga, soleada, larga, llena de discursos, larga... ceremonia. Por la noche fuimos a comer al centro de Boston, un sitio rico y luego a dormir porque ya estaba hacienod mucho cansancio.