Tests, quizzes, etc.

A través del blog de Diego (ya no sé cómo se llama, creo que educoblog) me encontré uno de esos tests-quizzes que uno hace como medio por diversión... aquí está el resultado. Algunos de las preguntas me confundieron y no sabía cuál opción de respuesta escoger... pero bueno...

Little Brother

I starting reading Henry Jenkin's blog a while back and he refers to very interesting things.

Change of approach or blog-death

I have to change my approach to blogging. This isn't working anymore. Last post was end of April. I keep trying to write too long... too elaborate for the kind of time I have available for blogging. I will change the approach. I will post short mostly... comments on things I see or read, but won't try to elaborate too much. Sometimes I will.

Copyright... fair use

I'd seen this video a while a back thanks to Qadmon, but I can't remember if was a blog post or some face to face exchange. Anyway...


Last Friday I had a very interesting talk with a guy called Pablo Arrieta, a teacher at Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.