K12 Online Conference

A wonderful idea is back online for '07, the K12 Online Conference. It started today and the first videos are being downloaded as we speak (don't know if they were available before today, though). There will be 2 weeks worth of video conferences, discussion, blogging, and a final 24-hour Elluminate closing event. I'll keep blogging as I watch and read. It looks awesome though! Don't miss it.

In need of freedom sticks... or just plain freedom

Doug Belshaw writes a story of how network security policies (IT Policies) thwarted a lesson he had planned using Flash games and a video, and how he couldn't get an image "just in time for his students", all due to blocking and secu

Ha, freedom sticks

Alec Couros writes about his efforts to help teachers in Saskatchewan use technology in the classroom. He found himself in a conundrum. The school computers (IT staff, I guess) had blocked the blogging sites he tried to use, and the browser they could use did not work well with the wysiwyg editor.

En expociencia - expotecnología

El jueves estuve en expociencia-expotecnología en Corferias. La Asociación Colombiana para el Avance de la Ciencia nos invitó a hacer una presentación de 15 minutos y participar en un pánel de discusión con algunos otros expertos.

Randy Pausch

I confess... I hadn't heard of Randy Pausch before last night. The link to his "last lecture" was sent to me by a friend and I started watching... he tends to refer great stuff. It started as a pretty average academic lecture, a talking head. I insist, I hadn't heard of Pausch. It kept going somewhat non-interestingly for someone who doesn't know the speaker's work, but it started picking up.