Gimnasio La Montaña

March 2008 - current
Carrera 51 No. 214-55
(57 1) 676 1861

Gimnasio La Montaña is a private school in Bogotá, Colombia, which has consistently been rank in the top ten best schools of the country according to the ICFES test results and is widely recognized for the quality of the education if offers its students. Between 2008 and 2015, I served as Director of Educational Technology. Since then, I have been the Director of Innovation and Development. In 2015, I was asked by UNCOLI, an association of private schools in Bogotá to which GLM belongs, to serve as coordinator for Alianza para la Excelencia (APE), a project that seeks to help 54 schools in Chocó, a region in the pacific coast of our country. I have been balancing my work at GLM with that of APE since then.

Major Responsibilities and Achievements:

  • Lead the adoption of the Understanding By Design framework at all levels, and the development of a curriculum planning online tool to support the work of all teachers.
  • Lead a team of teachers from 16 different schools in designing and implementing "Alianza para la Excelencia" - "Aulas Sin Fronteras", a program developed with the Colombian Ministry of Education.
  • Design and implement the school's first educational technology plan and set it in motion during the 2008-2009 school year.
  • Maintain a coherent technology use plan during and integrate technology use in the curriculum of all areas.
  • Help teachers integrate computer technology into their curricula.
  • Trigger a curriculum reform through innovative uses of technology.
  • Help administrators incorporate computer technology in their daily activities in order to improve efficiency in administrative tasks.
  • Assess the outcomes of the use of technology.
  • Design and lead professional development courses for teachers.
  • Advice parents and students on the safe and productive use of computer technology and the Internet.